About Us

What is the primary focus of Invision Consulting?

Invision is a management consulting and strategic execution firm committed to helping business leaders achieve organizational success. We help clients identify tangible solutions to their biggest challenges, create winning strategies, navigate change, and effectively execute to transform strategy into delivered results.

Invision delivers results that move our clients forward. We transform your complex challenges to drive goal achievement and facilitate critical change. Our team of consultants have an average of 20+ years’ experience solving corporate challenges, dually as operating company leaders & consultative experts. Having “been there” as employees and as consultants, our seasoned experts will help you succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Partnering with clients, we take a unique, collaborative approach to achieving the organization’s most important goals, overcoming complex challenges, and attaining lasting business results. Simply stated, our focus is on elevating our clients’ success — which is everything to us!

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Custom-tailored approaches

We  recognize that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we don’t have a  rigid, standard cookie-cutter methodology. Invision adapts solutions and  approaches for each client’s unique needs. Leveraging proven best practice methodologies, balanced by an ability to adapt and align with each client’s unique requirements, we help you achieve high-value  results that “fit” your specific business objectives. This flexible and  adaptable approach sets us apart and leads to better results. It is  enabled by our team’s deep expertise, along with our commitment to  bringing fresh vision and creativity to each client engagement. 

2. Level of access to senior-level experts

You  deserve the best, every day, not only on occasion. A challenge we hear  clients face with many other consulting firms is that they provide  junior-level and mid-level team members, with senior-level partners  mostly for key meetings and oversight from afar. Invision’s model is completely different. The ability for dynamic seasoned pros to be  facilitating all aspects of the project on-site results in better client  goal-attainment outcomes. This means you’ll have the peace of mind that  comes from working with dedicated senior-level experts who understand  your business by your side every step of the way. 

3. Our methodology

Invision’s  methodology proactively sets a client up for success and overcomes  traditional causes of project failure. This methodology has been  developed through many years of experience and consists of several  models (customizable for a client’s environment), that uniquely position  a program or strategy for success. These models help senior-executive  clients to:  

  • Build consensus and buy-in among cross-functional stakeholders and teams.
  • Craft better-positioned strategic plans with the right tactics for end-result successes.
  • Align business and technology, across both strategy and delivery.
  • Achieve quick-hit wins and long-term transformational goal-attainment.
  • Achieve an integrated consistent framework that is scalable and  repeatable, with ability for customization at the department,  geographical or sub-project level.
  • Facilitate change throughout the organization more smoothly and more effectively.

Ultimately, as an Invision client you increase your level of success in creating and delivering strategic initiatives.  

4. Nimble, adaptable style

We move at a rapid pace. Some challenges we hear from clients about  working with other firms are bureaucracy and having to choose between  very high cost of a larger project team or slower progress. With  Invision, you see results more quickly due to our nimble, adaptable  style, and a right-sized, tailored project team that can provide cost  savings. We meet you where you are – utilizing your existing methodology if it is already in place and  creating new approaches that skillfully match your needs, and  collaborating with your stakeholders and partners. We serve large  and small initiatives with equal commitment to client results, and we  custom-tailor all engagements to a client’s unique environment. 

5. A holistic view

When you invite us to work with you, you gain valuable wisdom across the interconnected areas that are essential for success.  

  • Strategy without effective execution is worthless. We understand how  to set an initiative up for success with both strategy and  implementation.
  • Planning without keen understanding of the interconnected elements  can adversely impact results. Our cross-industry mastery of the  interconnected areas of strategy, transformation and change management,  customer technology and internal technology, operations, and program  management translates to development of a solid plan that proactively  overcomes challenges and strengthens goal-attainment.
  • We have deep experience delivering results across end-to-end  business functions and cross-functional divisions, including Marketing,  Human Resources, IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Sales. We can help with  one, two, or all of these areas, depending on the client’s preference.  The benefit of our holistic experience enhances the ability to achieve  your business objectives and facilitates cross-functional company  alignment.

We help business leaders achieve success, focused on the areas that  are most beneficial to you. The benefit of our holistic expertise across  this spectrum is priceless, with solid understanding of the interrelated dynamics that lead to creating effective strategies and facilitating implementation that works.

This means you can rest assured that your vision will be transformed to achieve end-result goals.

Contact us to achieve your business objectives.