Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

We help clients advance their Corporate Citizenship program strategies – to achieve powerful social impact, aligned with company goals.

Corporate Citizenship

Companies are becoming increasingly involved in corporate citizenship*. The current era of corporate citizenship offers groundbreaking opportunities to deliver benefit in new and holistic ways. Organizations can foster beneficial societal impact, strengthen organizational culture, increase employee retention and teamwork, enhance their business reputation and results, or all of the above. To achieve these goals successfully, however, it’s important to take an informed approach to advance and manage your corporate citizenship strategy.

Whether you are just starting out, questioning how to measure success, or looking for new ways to maintain your place among the all-stars, Invision can help your organization take the next step. We will help you with:  

  • Evaluating the type of social engagement that is the best-fit for your organization’s culture and goals
  • Advancing well-established programs to reach the next level of alignment and impact
  • Enhancing and measuring social impact and business value, for employees, community, customers, strategic partners, and investors.
  • Creating rewarding employee engagement and volunteerism programs, that builds teamwork and leadership skills

Defining excellence and instilling best practices to move from “good to great”   There are many factors that may pique a company’s interest in advancing their engagement – culture, values, societal benefit, attractiveness to attract a talented workforce, employee retention and morale, customer loyalty, corporate goals, and others. Whether you already have a well-established program, an early-stage program, or are just starting out and curious to explore this new territory, Invision can bring valuable expertise to the table. In addition, we have the flexibility to offer clients a variety of engagement models and delivery approaches, to ultimately design a customized collaboration based exclusively on the needs of your organization.  

*Note about Terminology: The term ‘Corporate Citizenship’ is used to encompass the following topics:

  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Corporate Social Engagement
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Community Relations
  • Company Foundation

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