Non-Profit Advancement

Non-Profit Advancement

We help clients strengthen their ability to fulfill their mission – by building capacity and enhancing fund development strategies and results.

Non-Profit Consulting

Non-profit  organizations lead the way toward solving our toughest societal  challenges, and yet face many challenges of their own in today’s dynamic  environment. It has become increasingly important for non-profits to  harness both a strong mission-driven focus as well as custom-tailored  internal business methodologies. The combination of visionary strategy,  effective fund development approaches, forward-thinking technology and  operations, and implementation approaches that deliver results is  essential.

We work with clients every step of the way to deliver the results  that are core to the success of your organization. We have deep  expertise in:  

  • Identifying fund development strategies that maximizes results, and implementing campaigns
  • Establishing volunteer mobilization programs and workshops that multiply fundraising results of volunteers by 150%-200%
  • Establishing and deepening corporate partnerships and other meaningful relationships
  • Identifying opportunities to infuse custom-tailored business practices and technology, to exponentially heighten non-profit success
  • Overcoming complex challenges, and creating meaningful solutions that achieve desired results
  • Strengthening programs to increase social impact
  • Engaging key audiences to more powerfully embrace and engage with  the cause, and standing out in the crowd of organizations competing for  attention and funding

Invision will work with you to create new opportunities and overcome  core challenges to advance the success of your non-profit organization.  We have the flexibility to design a customized collaboration based on  the needs of your organization.

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