We help organizations move to superior performance by designing solutions and experiences that address organizational effectiveness and health, with an integrative approach.

  • Organizational Design
  • Performance Management
  • Team Alignment and Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation

Organizational Design

The ability to increase efficiency can be best leveraged when the form of the organization is matched with its purpose and strategy, so that the collective efforts of people are optimized and meet the demands of the business. We look at the complex relationship between tasks, workflow, responsibility and authority, and align them to support business objectives. Organization design is not static especially with the ever-changing demands of customers, the market, and the size of the company. We work with leaders at all levels to reassess and realign their organizations to respond to evolving demands.   

Performance Management

Invision provides consulting services and tools for all parts of the performance management process from assessing talent, planning work, setting expectations, monitoring progress, providing feedback, training, and developing future talent.  

Team Alignment and Development

Through mastery of the art and science of teams, we accelerate team development to high performance. Our proven process inspires engagement, collaboration and agreement on how to leverage the capabilities of all team members to meet and often exceed objectives. We apply these concepts to cross-functional and matrixed teams.  

Executive Coaching

Our organizational consultants meld an extensive business and psychology background to help leaders measurably improve their performance and personal effectiveness. We are especially adept at helping clients increase their ability to lead in a way that brings out the best in themselves and in others.  


Invision applies our expert group process skills while facilitating highly valuable experiences including strategy/business retreats and shared-experience workshops, team building, leadership development, and conflict interventions.  

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