Process & Operations

Process & Operations

We help clients identify and implement high-value opportunities to enhance operational performance, by re-imagining a future-state business transformation, while managing risk and reducing cost.

  • Business Process and Operations
  • Cost Management and Risk Management

Business Process and Operations

The ability for companies to optimize operations and end-to-end business processes has become increasingly important. Invision helps business leaders identify high-value process and operations opportunities to improve performance and relevant business metrics. We evaluate multiple alternatives to hone the methodology that will yield optimal results, from enhancement opportunities to full-scale integration or re-design. Results throughout core business areas and supply chain management often include: reduction of cost, cycle time, error rate, inventory; and increase of profitability, customer acquisition and retention, efficiency, quality, elevation and transformation of teams for highest-value purpose, and usability.    

Process advancement is both a science and an art. We help clients understand the current-state environment, visualize and measure alternatives, plan the transition, manage transitionary phases, and achieve essential objectives. Our methodology fosters continuous improvement and leverages change management best practices, thereby providing long-term impact.  

Cost Management and Risk Management

What would the value to your company be to reduce cost and risk at the corporate-level and business unit-level? Invision helps senior business and IT leaders mitigate risk and costs throughout the business, by defining high-impact risks and implementing proactive contingency planning processes. We customize the creation and implementation of cost-reduction strategies at corporate and individual business unit levels, and provide the framework to achieve short as well as long-term cost and risk management objectives. 

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