Program Management

Program Management

We help clients transform goals into delivered results – by designing effective Program Management Office (PMO) models and facilitating strategic program leadership.

  • Project Management Office Model (PMO) 
  • Program Management Implementation and Delivery

Project Management Office Model (PMO)

The effectiveness of a Program Management Office (PMO) – one that is custom-tailored and right-sized for the company – makes a difference in  the success or failure of delivering business initiatives. Invision helps organizational leaders design all aspects of a PMO, whether  optimizing an existing PMO or creating a new one. We serve as a strategic partner to clients in planning and operating the PMO and help them overcome the many challenges PMO teams often encounter. We create and enhance PMO models, playbooks, and tools – all of which are grounded in best practices uniquely customized to the needs of the company.

PMOs vary in the ways they are utilized in a company, serving as a  center of excellence, an enterprise-wide strategic execution team,  governance to align strategy and project prioritization, or program leadership team for a smaller-sized PMO. Our methodology increases PMO value with sharp focus on marrying a custom-crafted set of success factors. Success factors include elements such as governance, portfolio management and project prioritization framework, stakeholder alignment and consensus building, selection and operation of waterfall / agile / hybrid methods, cross-functional team motivation and productivity, change management, and PMO technology  tools.

We help leaders move from the experience of competing priorities and limited resources to the experience of empowerment and confidence. Development of scalable, repeatable business models, playbooks, and  effective tools is core to our philosophy of “institutionalizing” value within the company to achieve long-term success.

Program Management Implementation and Delivery

Program Management delivery is of paramount importance to achieving the company’s vision and growth. Invision has proven experience delivering high-profile business and technology initiatives via strategic program leadership. We help business leaders manage many types of projects in diverse environments, with deep insight of what works and what does not work (understanding both is equally important in large complex programs). Our methodology includes proactive planning to overcome obstacles, fosters a shared vision, and facilitates tight linkage between strategy and execution and between business and IT,  thereby delivering tangible end-results. To achieve these results, key aspects include navigating each program phase, fostering executive visibility and engagement, developing effective program plans, and motivationally engaging cross-functional teams. With expertise in the essential surrounding disciplines, we facilitate holistic program success of strategic transformation, change management, and operational process advancement.

We add value quickly and have a collaborative team-player philosophy  with a “moves mountains” solution-oriented mindset. Adaptability, flexibility, and comfort with diverse environments and ambiguity is in our DNA. In working with you, we meet you where you are, tailoring our approach to fit the business environment or utilize your program management methodology (agile, waterfall, hybrid) when it is already in place.

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