We help clients select the strategic approaches that achieve their business vision and overcome complex challenges.

  • Business Strategy 
  • Customer Strategy
  • Innovation

Business Strategy and Planning

Companies must constantly evolve to stay competitive and create  value. Invision helps business leaders evaluate strategic options and  select the direction that will yield winning results. With a focus on  visionary strategy and planning that is built to thrive in real-world  execution, we enable current and long-term success. It’s all about  helping senior business leaders design their strategies and roadmaps for  successful results attainment, solve complex challenges, and proactively avoid pitfalls. We help clients develop effective strategies that achieve tangible results for:  

  • Business unit strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Merger & acquisition planning and integration
  • Innovation initiatives
  • Entrepreneurial growth

With an advanced model, we create a  customized approach based on your unique goals and environment and  institutionalize the repeatable tools and insights within your  organization for long-lasting success. Our collaborative process drives  buy-in among stakeholders, aligns business and technology, and crafts a  strategy and implementation plan that works. Meeting you where your  greatest need exists, we establish new company-wide strategies and  approaches or support a phase of the strategic planning process with  your existing framework.

Customer Strategy & Experience, and Marketing & Product Management

One of the essential areas companies strive to address in a  rapidly-changing marketplace is customer strategy initiatives that will  enhance acquisition and retention. We help clients gain a deeper  understanding of their customers’ needs and drivers that influence their  decisions and loyalty. Our capabilities also help business leaders in  planning their marketing strategy, including channel and vertical  strategy, consideration of solution-oriented models and product/service  models, and new dimensions of segmentation. Product enhancement ideas  often exceed available resources. Effective evaluation drives insight,  prioritization, and informed decision-making. Invision’s approaches are  custom-tailored to engage customers in new ways which “delight” and  deepen relationships, as well as facilitate leading edge Product  Management and product/service portfolios for an evolving marketplace.


It has become increasingly important for companies to drive innovation  among customer-facing engagement and internal business operations. The  ability to think outside the box and deliver exceptional results is a  key competitive advantage. We help business leaders generate creative  approaches and fresh thinking that better addresses customer needs and  provides business value. Innovative solutions may focus on enhancements  to existing company capabilities or create insightful new customized  approaches. 

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