We help clients establish winning technology strategies and facilitate program management execution – to harness and maximize the value of technology.

  • Customer-Facing Technology Strategy
  • Internal Company Operational Technology Strategy
  • Program Management: Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Customer-Facing Technology: Strategy and Planning

The evolving marketplace shows that technology is essential to  business success. Invision helps business leaders strengthen their  market leadership through customer-facing technology innovation. This  includes identification and prioritization of opportunities to use  technology for competitive advantage. We tailor a strategic technology  approach that improves acquisition and retention, including focus on how  customers consume technology today. 

Transforming technology is a journey.  With  customized approaches for each organization, we collaboratively drive  value by facilitating consensus-building, governance, and alignment  among business and IT leads. Beginning with a clear understanding of the  current and desired customer segments, we partner to establish a  strategy, roadmap, and implementation plan that yields winning results. 

Internal Company Operational Technology: Strategy and Planning

Internal company technology platforms and performance have a direct  impact on operational efficiency and profitability. We help clients  evaluate opportunities to enhance business systems for key business  units, or fully transition from legacy systems to future-state,  streamlined, end-to-end architecture. We also help technology leaders  achieve transformational business results and enhanced metrics. Outcomes  include increase of profitability, customer acquisition and retention, efficiency, and usability; and reduction of cost, cycle time, error  rate, and surplus inventory. 

Our approach empowers clients to  proactively identify and overcome obstacles, mitigate risk, and gain  clarity on business needs and process. With customized approaches for  each organization, we collaboratively drive value by facilitating  consensus-building, governance, and alignment among IT and  cross-functional business stakeholders. Beginning with a clear  understanding of the end-to-end internal technology environment and  needs, we partner to establish a strategy, roadmap, and implementation  plan. 

Program Management: Strategy, Planning and Implementation

The ability to transform goals into delivered results is the key to  the kingdom. Invision helps technology leaders organize and manage  large-scale programs to achieve the rewarding end-results of effectively  implementing the company’s most important strategic initiatives. We are  often invited to help refine a PMO model for better alignment of  program success; create a new, customized PMO model from scratch; or  provide senior-level program management support and leadership through  all phases of the project. Our expertise spans organization of people,  process, and tools.

Having a firm grasp on the end-to-end interconnected dynamics is  essential. PMO strategy and implementation often includes dynamics such  as: effective portfolio management and prioritization, stakeholder  engagement, consensus-building, business analysis, requirements  management, governance, change management, process management, issue and  risk management, cost and schedule management, alignment among business  and IT teams, IT tools for the PMO, waterfall / agile / hybrid methods,  and vendor evaluation. We consider the best-fit method for each  relevant dynamic.

Our Program Management approach facilitates alignment between  strategy and execution teams, continuous improvement, and a dual-focus  on executive reporting and decision-making alongside operational program  management. 

Note about expertise, scope of services, and independent system/solution-agnostic advice:

Invision has deep expertise in  strategic planning and program management of business and technology  transformation initiatives, as well as change management and operational  process optimization. We understand both business and technology,  therefore are able to play the liaison role effectively. In addition,  since we are vendor/system agnostic and do not provide IT development  services, our focus is on providing independent, unbiased and objective  advice centered on our clients’ contexts and motivated by fostering their successes. 

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